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Dr. Claudette Morgan-Scott

is the Chief Operating Officer. She holds a Doctoral Degree in Business Administration and a Masters in Public Sector management. She is the founders and Senior Pastor of Shiloh Worship Center Inc. in Belton, Texas.

Dr. Scott was the Superintendent of a Charter school for fifteen years. She has lectured in Colleges and Universities and present conference papers, all over the world. Dr. Scott is an adjunct professor; teaching in Business Administration Program at Texas A & M. Dr. Scott was also the editor of University a Social Work magazine. She has an extensive amount of experience in leadership and education.

She is a motivational speaker at Faith-Based Conferences, Corporate Firms and the global marketplace, in the area of Social Justice, Leadership and Vision Development. She has assisted in the development of Humanitarian programs in Russia, Denmark, Finland, India, and Ghana. She has joined teams at the United Nations and attended mission trips all over the world. Dr. Scott is concerned about ensuring that the scales of justice are fair for all people groups and nations. Her non-profit organization, Shiloh Resource Center is dedicated to empowering the lives of others. The organization has a local, national and international footprint.

Dr. Scott has been in the management field for 25 years and is the principal owner of a consultancy firm. She is sort after because of her wealth of business and leadership experience and is an executive board member of several organizations: Jabula New Life International Ministries, Helping Hands, Innovation Black Chamber of Commerce and WIT Consulting. She is a great visionary, assisting leaders around the world to develop their vision. Through her vast worldwide experience, Dr. Scott brings a unique opportunity to all clients by empowering their company’s visions through the lens of the global marketplace. Her dynamic leadership abilities and innovative ideas have been proven through her various leadership responsibilities.



To create lasting solutions to social, emotional, psychological and spiritual challenges faced by families, children or marginalized people groups.

The purpose of the organization is multi-dimensional:

  1. We respond to the needs of families; serving vulnerable and at-risk children through the community, school, governmental agencies, foster care, and adoption agency engagement. The organization will provide ministries, services, and support to children and their families; foster care providers and governmental agency workers locally, nationally and internationally. Post foster care support for young people exiting the care system will also be provided, while working with local agencies, judges, foster care, adoption agencies, schools, and law enforcement.

  2. We will provide resources and training to families to strengthen the family unit, raise financial awareness, improve the spiritual and emotional health of vulnerable and at-risk children or adults.

  3. Material and financial resources will be sort and provided to low-income military families and low-income single parents who are in need of stabilization.

  4. Community social responsibility toward our veterans, families and the elderly will be created and maintained by SRC.

  5. To provide humanitarian work to marginalized people groups, across the globe.

  6. To provide tools and training that will enable women’s economic empowerment.

  7. To identify, train and develop leaders to ensure that they are equipped to succeed in the 21st-century global marketplace.